The editors

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The shooters

Gabriella Brown: I am from Charleston, SC. I am a photojournalism major. I enjoy taking outdoor photos, and I love shooting anything that involves water. I would love photographing competitive sailing someday.

Brenna English Chapman: I am a senior in the Journalism School at the University of Montana, her emphasis is in documentary photojournalism.

Adam Emmert: I'm a photojournalism major at the University of Montana. Although my first love is for landscape photography. I was born in Kalispell Montana and have lived there all my life. I love the outdoors and try to get out and hike, bike and snowshoe as much as possible. My future goals include getting an internship during the summer and marrying my fiance in August.

Leigh Shelle Hunt: I am a junior at the University of Montana School of Journalism focusing on photojournalism.

Lido Vizzutti: I am a photojournalism student at the University of Montana. He is a Missoula Native, born and raised in the upper Rattlesnake. I spent his first year of college at Willamette University is Salem Oregon majoring Philosophy and Theatre and minoring in Music and Religious Studies. I transferred back to Missoula to pursue a career in photojournalism. I'm currently the photo editor of the Montana Kaimin, the campus paper,.
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