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  "To me the biological part does not make a family," says Dori. "I am obligated to them the rest of my life, but it is the permanency and connection that makes a family."

  Dori adopted Katie two years ago through the same agency. She says that changed the family a bit. Matthew had to share the attention and it became harder for Dori to negotiate two her kids' energies. Matthew is always darting ahead, while Katie stops to look at every cornerof the world. Dori's love for them is embedded in her deep caring hawk eyes and subtle body language, but often she says it's about getting through the day.

  "Any parenting and family is hard," says Dori. "As a single parent you don't have that extra time, that extra back up and set of hands. Not having someone to discuss issues with. Everything falls on you, whatever it is."

  "I am very blessed," says Dori. "They are healthy, they have so many positive qualities, and I have learned a lot from them."

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